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Product Name on Label: Enforcer grass away concentrate

The EPA Registered Name for this product is: Eh 951 grass herbicide
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Summary of the toxicity properties of each active ingredient and the percent of each active ingredient in the product.
Approved uses for the product by general use type, pest, and crop or location.
Product registration history, including initial date registered, date cancelled (if applicable), and date registration was transferred (if applicable).
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Complete list of names under which this product is sold. Often a company will register a single product and then sell the same product under many different brand names. The 'Distributor Name' list is a complete list of these names.

Product Identification for Eh 951 grass herbicide

Basic Identification Information About This Product
MSDS and Product Label
U.S. EPA Product Reg No
Product Registration Status
Acute Hazard Warning Label
Restricted Use Product
PAN Bad Actor Product:
No. of names this product is sold under
Emulsifiable concentrate
3 Caution
9 (See bottom of page for complete list of products)

Toxicity for Eh 951 grass herbicide

Summary Toxicity Information for the Active Ingredients in this Product
For detailed chemical information click on the chemical names below

Active Ingredients
Chemical Name
Percent Carcinogen Cholinesterase
Developmental or
Reproductive Toxin
Fluazifop-P-butyl 1.70 % Not Likely No
Indicates high toxicity in the given toxicological category. Indicates no available weight-of-the-evidence assessment. For additional information on toxicity from scientific journals or registration documents, see the "Additional Resources for Toxicity " section of the chemical detail page for each active ingredient.

Other Ingredients in this Product

By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. In addition to active ingredients, pesticide products may contain one or more "inert" ingredients. Many "inert" ingredients in current use have known adverse human and environmental effects.

U.S. EPA statement on inerts      U.S. EPA list of inerts     NCAP Inerts Report (pdf)


Registered Uses in the U.S. for Eh 951 grass herbicide


Herbicide terrestrial


Annual grasses , Perennial grasses , Quackgrass , Oat (volunteer) , Wild oat , Broadleaf signalgrass , Southern sandbur , Field sandbur , Bermudagrass , Smooth crabgrass , Large crabgrass , Junglerice , Barnyardgrass , Goosegrass , Southwestern cupgrass , Wooly cupgrass , Prairie cupgrass , Barley (volunteer) , Wirestem muhly , Red rice , Witchgrass , Fall panicum , Guineagrass , Proso millet , Wild proso millet , Torpedograss , Texas panicum , Itchgrass , Rye (volunteer) , Giant foxtail , Yellow foxtail , Green foxtail , Shattercane , Wild cane , Johnsongrass (seedling) , Johnsongrass (rhizome) , Wheat (volunteer) , Corn (volunteer)

Crops and Locations

Gazania (foliar treatment) , Ageratum (foliar treatment) , Aglaonema (foliar treatment) , Ajuga (foliar treatment) , Aloe (foliar treatment) , Alyssum (foliar treatment) , Asparagus fern (foliar treatment) , Bird-of-paradise (foliar treatment) , Bleeding-heart (foliar treatment) , Cacti (foliar treatment) , Campanula (foliar treatment) , Candytuft (foliar treatment) , Dusty miller (foliar treatment) , Century plant (foliar treatment) , Metallic plant (foliar treatment) , Coleus (foliar treatment) , Columbine (foliar treatment) , Daylilies (foliar treatment) , Dracaena (foliar treatment) , Geranium (foliar treatment) , Gallery (foliar treatment) , Gladiolus (foliar treatment) , Hollyhock (foliar treatment) , Iceplant (foliar treatment) , Iris (foliar treatment) , Jade plant (foliar treatment) , Lavender cotton (foliar treatment) , Lily-of-the-valley (foliar treatment) , Marigold (foliar treatment) , Oyster plant (rhoeo discolor) (foliar treatment) , Peperomia (foliar treatment) , Petunia (foliar treatment) , Philodendron (foliar treatment) , Fernleaf yarrow (foliar treatment) , Rubber plant (foliar treatment) , Salvia (foliar treatment) , Sansevieria (foliar treatment) , Schefflera (foliar treatment) , Sedum (foliar treatment) , Stonecrop (foliar treatment) , Summer cypress (foliar treatment) , Sweet william (foliar treatment) , Yarrow (foliar treatment) , Yucca (foliar treatment) , Pampasgrass (foliar treatment) , Ivy geranium (foliar treatment) , Kalanchoe (foliar treatment) , Strawberry (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , Pricklypear cactus (foliar treatment) , Snow-in-summer (foliar treatment) , Wandering jew (foliar treatment) , Indian laurel (foliar treatment) , Rosea iceplant (ground cover) (foliar treatment) , White trailing iceplant (foliar treatment) , Rockrose (foliar treatment) , White african daisy (ground cover) (foliar treatment) , Odontonema (foliar treatment) , Barrel cactus (foliar treatment) , Baby rubber plant (foliar treatment) , Shrimp plant (foliar treatment) , White shrimp plant (foliar treatment) , Agapanthus (foliar treatment) , Pachystachys (foliar treatment) , Purple heart (foliar treatment) , Crown vetch (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , Marble queen pothos (foliar treatment) , Spider plant (foliar treatment) , Liriope (foliar treatment) , Swedish ivy (foliar treatment) , Creeping charlie (foliar treatment) , Madagascar periwinkle (foliar treatment) , Crossandra (foliar treatment) , Gay feather (foliar treatment) , Medicine plant (foliar treatment) , Umbrella plant (foliar treatment) , Sandwort (foliar treatment) , Green carpet (foliar treatment) , Saltbrush (foliar treatment) , Kaffir lily (foliar treatment) , Hesperaloe parviflora (foliar treatment) , Variegated hosta (foliar treatment) , Cranesbill (foliar treatment) , Hedgehog cactus (foliar treatment) , False spirea (foliar treatment) , Blue star creeper (foliar treatment) , Slipper flower (foliar treatment) , Mexican evening primrose (foliar treatment) , Sempervivum (foliar treatment) , Ethiopia banana (foliar treatment) , Ruellia (foliar treatment) , Kings crown (foliar treatment) , Chinese crenate croton (foliar treatment) , Odocanthus (foliar treatment) , Pink clover head (foliar treatment) , Ornamental clovers (foliar treatment) , Mondo grass (ground cover) (foliar treatment) , Capeweed (foliar treatment) , Lesser periwinkle (ground cover) (foliar treatment) , Dwarf rosemary (ground cover) (foliar treatment) , Fountain grass (foliar treatment) , Red fountain grass (foliar treatment) , Coromandel (foliar treatment) , Acacia (foliar treatment) , Aralia (foliar treatment) , Bearberry (foliar treatment) , Raspberry ice (foliar treatment) , Boxwood (foliar treatment) , Buckthorn (foliar treatment) , Camellia (foliar treatment) , Cotoneaster (foliar treatment) , Crape myrtle (foliar treatment) , Crotons (foliar treatment) , English ivy (foliar treatment) , Hahn's ivy (foliar treatment) , Euonymus (foliar treatment) , Pyracantha (foliar treatment) , Forsythia (foliar treatment) , Gardenia (foliar treatment) , Scotch heather (foliar treatment) , Hibiscus (foliar treatment) , Holly (foliar treatment) , Hydrangea (foliar treatment) , Pink lady (foliar treatment) , Indian hawthorn (foliar treatment) , Ivy (foliar treatment) , Ixora (foliar treatment) , Jasmine (foliar treatment) , Lantana (foliar treatment) , Xylosoma (foliar treatment) , Ligustrum (foliar treatment) , James mcfarlane lilac (foliar treatment) , Lilac (foliar treatment) , Mahonia (foliar treatment) , Fetter-bush (foliar treatment) , Heavenly bamboo (foliar treatment) , Ninebark (foliar treatment) , Oleander (foliar treatment) , Pachysandra (foliar treatment) , Periwinkle (foliar treatment) , Photinia (foliar treatment) , Pineapple guava (foliar treatment) , Pittosporum (foliar treatment) , Pinkhead knotweed (foliar treatment) , Rhododendron (foliar treatment) , Roses (foliar treatment) , Sasanqua camellia (foliar treatment) , Spirea (foliar treatment) , Star jasmine (foliar treatment) , Syringa (foliar treatment) , Korean lilac (foliar treatment) , Viburnum (foliar treatment) , Wax-myrtle (foliar treatment) , Dwarf gardenia (foliar treatment) , Chinese hibiscus (foliar treatment) , European fly honeysuckle (foliar treatment) , Fatshedera (foliar treatment) , Grape-ivy (foliar treatment) , Inkberry (foliar treatment) , Japanese aucuba (foliar treatment) , Tea olive osmanthus (foliar treatment) , Cleyera japonica (foliar treatment) , Plumbago (foliar treatment) , Hybrid tea roses (foliar treatment) , Clerodendrum (foliar treatment) , Mentor barberry (foliar treatment) , Escallonia (foliar treatment) , Mesquite (foliar treatment) , Bottlebrush (foliar treatment) , Weeping bottlebrush (foliar treatment) , Sumac (foliar treatment) , Purple trailing lantana (foliar treatment) , Japanese honeysuckle (foliar treatment) , Carolina jasmine (foliar treatment) , Australian bush-cherry (foliar treatment) , Carissa (foliar treatment) , Euryops (foliar treatment) , Crimson pygmy barberry (foliar treatment) , Golden mock-orange (foliar treatment) , Mirror plant (foliar treatment) , Glossy abelia (foliar treatment) , Purple hopseed bush (foliar treatment) , Passionflower (foliar treatment) , Slender deutzia (foliar treatment) , Cordyline (foliar treatment) , Protea (foliar treatment) , Spring cinquefoil (foliar treatment) , Bush honeysuckle (foliar treatment) , Threadleaf coreopsis (foliar treatment) , Jojoba (foliar application) , Creeping fig (foliar treatment) , Pink weigelia (foliar treatment) , Bush morningglory (foliar treatment) , Brittlebush (foliar treatment) , Caricature plant (foliar treatment) , Mexican indigo (foliar treatment) , Panicle hydrangea (foliar treatment) , Pygmy date palm (foliar treatment) , Morrow honeysuckle (foliar treatment) , Feathery cassia (foliar treatment) , Cassia condolima (foliar treatment) , Caesalpinia cacalaco (foliar treatment) , Ocotillo (foliar treatment) , Jacobinia ghiesbreghtiana (foliar treatment) , Firecracker (foliar treatment) , Golden bamboo (foliar treatment) , Gold drop (foliar treatment) , Desert broom (foliar treatment) , Purple false eranthemum (foliar treatment) , Cape honeysuckle (foliar treatment) , Lavender star plant (foliar treatment) , Hearts and flowers (foliar treatment) , Texas sage (foliar treatment) , Cats claw (yellow trumpet) (foliar treatment) , Tifblue blueberry (foliar treatment) , Rhuellia california (foliar treatment) , Arborvitae (foliar treatment) , Ash (foliar treatment) , Birch (foliar treatment) , Dogwood (foliar treatment) , Douglas-fir (foliar treatment) , Eastern hemlock (foliar treatment) , Eucalyptus (foliar treatment) , Fir (foliar treatment) , Flowering almond (foliar treatment) , Honeylocust (foliar treatment) , Juniper (foliar treatment) , Magnolia (foliar treatment) , Maple (foliar treatment) , Norfolk island pine (foliar treatment) , Pine (foliar treatment) , Russian olive (foliar treatment) , Sago-palm (foliar treatment) , Picea (foliar treatment) , Spruce (foliar treatment) , Sweetgum (foliar treatment) , Willow (foliar treatment) , Corkscrew willow (soil treatment) , Yew (foliar treatment) , Italian cypress (foliar treatment) , Live oak (foliar treatment) , New zealand christmas-tree (foliar treatment) , Southern magnolia (foliar treatment) , Queen palm (foliar treatment) , Weeping willows (foliar treatment) , Green palo verde (foliar treatment) , Mediterranean fan palm (foliar treatment) , Yew pine (foliar treatment) , Carob (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , Prostrate myoporum (foliar treatment) , Brazil peppertree (foliar treatment) , Hinoki false cypress (foliar treatment) , Sawara false cypress (foliar treatment) , Temple tree (foliar treatment) , Olive (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , Brush-cherry (foliar treatment) , African fern pine (foliar treatment) , Carolina cherry-laurel (foliar treatment) , Windmill palm (foliar treatment) , Showy crabapple (foliar treatment) , Bradford pear (foliar treatment) , Exotica weeping fig (foliar treatment) , Silk oak (foliar treatment) , Sour orange (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , Chinese fan palm (foliar treatment) , Areca palm (foliar treatment) , Jacaranda (foliar treatment) , Carrotwood (foliar treatment) , Lawson cypress (foliar treatment) , Swamp immortelle (foliar treatment) , Fastadiata (foliar treatment) , Australian willow (foliar treatment) , Canary island date palm (foliar treatment) , Grapefruit (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , California peppertree (foliar treatment) , Mexican fan palm (foliar treatment) , Australian tree fern (foliar treatment) , Desert fern tree (foliar treatment) , Ironwood (foliar treatment) , Firewheel tree (foliar treatment) , Yellow oleander tree (foliar treatment) , Leyland cypress (foliar treatment) , Bottle tree (foliar treatment) , Sonoran palo verde (foliar treatment) , Fiddlewood (foliar treatment) , Ornamental ferns (foliar treatment) , Sword fern (foliar treatment)

U.S. Product Registration History for Eh 951 grass herbicide

U.S. EPA Product Reg No:
Product Registration Status:
Approval Date:
Jun 6, 1988  

Company and Agent Information for Enforcer grass away concentrate

Manufacturer Agent Distributor
Pbi/gordon corp
1217 west 12th street
Kansas city, MO 64101
Company Number: 002217
No Agent, See Company Info. Zep commercial sales & service
1310 seaboard industrial blvd. nw
Atlanta, GA 30318
Company Number: 040849

Distributor Names for Eh 951 grass herbicide

Product names Distributor Product Type Approval Date Cancellation Date
Dexol grass out systemic grass killer Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Sep 17, 1990 Active
Eh 951 grass herbicide Pbi/gordon corp Parent Product Jun 6, 1988 Active
Enforcer grass away concentrate Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Sep 20, 1993 Active
Enforcer grassaway Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Sep 20, 1993 Active
Enforcer plant bed grass and weed killer Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Sep 20, 1993 Active
Enforcer plant bed grass and weed killer concentrate Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Sep 20, 1993 Active
Ferti-lome(r) o-t-t (over-the-top) weed & grass killer Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Dec 13, 1988 Active
Pennington's pride post-emergence grass killer Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Feb 15, 1994 Active
Procare premium post-emergence grass killer Pbi/gordon corp Distributor Product Feb 15, 1994 Active
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