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Product Name on Label: Butler parvoclear

The EPA Registered Name for this product is: Maquat 128 pd
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Identifying information, including U.S. EPA registration number, product registration status, formulation and warning label, as well as links to sources of product labels and MSDS information.
Summary of the toxicity properties of each active ingredient and the percent of each active ingredient in the product.
Approved uses for the product by general use type, pest, and crop or location.
Product registration history, including initial date registered, date cancelled (if applicable), and date registration was transferred (if applicable).
Name, address, and identifying number of the company that registered the product. Name and address of the agent, if applicable.
Complete list of names under which this product is sold. Often a company will register a single product and then sell the same product under many different brand names. The 'Distributor Name' list is a complete list of these names.

Product Identification for Maquat 128 pd

Basic Identification Information About This Product
MSDS and Product Label
U.S. EPA Product Reg No
Product Registration Status
Acute Hazard Warning Label
Restricted Use Product
PAN Bad Actor Product:
No. of names this product is sold under
Soluble concentrate
1 Danger
9 (See bottom of page for complete list of products)

Toxicity for Maquat 128 pd

Summary Toxicity Information for the Active Ingredients in this Product
For detailed chemical information click on the chemical names below

Active Ingredients
Chemical Name
Percent Carcinogen Cholinesterase
Developmental or
Reproductive Toxin
Alkyl* dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride *(60%C14, 30%C16, 5%C18, 5%C12) 4.50 % Not Likely No
Alkyl (68%C12, 32%C14) dimethylethylbenzyl ammonium chloride 4.50 % Not Likely No
Indicates high toxicity in the given toxicological category. Indicates no available weight-of-the-evidence assessment. For additional information on toxicity from scientific journals or registration documents, see the "Additional Resources for Toxicity " section of the chemical detail page for each active ingredient.

Other Ingredients in this Product

By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. In addition to active ingredients, pesticide products may contain one or more "inert" ingredients. Many "inert" ingredients in current use have known adverse human and environmental effects.

U.S. EPA statement on inerts      U.S. EPA list of inerts     NCAP Inerts Report (pdf)


Registered Uses in the U.S. for Maquat 128 pd


Disinfectant , Sanitizer , Algaecide , Fungicide/fungistat , Virucide


Slime-forming bacteria , Ammonia-producing bacteria , Animal pathogenic bacteria (g- and g+ vegetative) , Pseudomonas spp. , Bordetella bronchiseptica , Salmonella typhi , Campylobacter jejuni , Listeria monocytogenes , Animal pathogenic fungi , Bovine rhinotracheitis virus , Feline picornavirus , Avian reovirus , Adenoviruses , Infectious canine hepatitis virus , Parvovirus , Canine parvovirus , Vaccinia virus , Herpes simplex virus i , Pseudorabies virus , Feline rhinotracheitis virus , Porcine parvovirus , Coronavirus , Avian infectious bronchitis virus , Canine coronavirus , Porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus , Influenza virus a2 (japan) , Avian influenza virus , Avian influenza virus a , Avian influenza a/turkey/wisconsin , Newcastle disease virus , Parainfluenza viruses , Canine distemper virus , Hiv-i (human immunodeficiency virus) , Feline leukemia virus , Rabies virus , Equine arteritis virus , Laryngotracheitis virus , Bovine viral diarrhea virus , Hepatitis b , Hepatitis c virus (hcv) , Porcine rotavirus vr-893 , Parainfluenza virus type 1 , Influenza a (h1n1) , Anthracnose , Blight , Downy mildew , Crown rot , Leaf rot , Root rot , Stem rot , Botrytis spp. , Erwinia , Aspergillus niger , Mold/mildew , Fungal rot/decay , Drosophila flies , Phorid flies , Algae

Crops and Locations

Dairy farms (enclosed premise treatment) , Livestock premises (enclosed premise treatment) , Livestock feeding equipment , Livestock watering equipment , Livestock equipment , Livestock transportation vehicles , Cattle barns (enclosed premise treatment) , Sheep barns (enclosed premise treatment) , Hog barns/houses/parlors/pens (enclosed premise treatment) , Hog farms , Hog barns (enclosed premise treatment) , Pet kennels (enclosed premise treatment) , Pet living quarters (enclosed premise treatment) , Animal quarters (enclosed premise treatment) , Poultry brooder houses (enclosed premise treatment) , Poultry bldgs. (enclosed premise treatment) , Poultry house premises (enclosed premise treatment) , Poultry feeding equipment , Poultry watering equipment , Poultry equipment , Poultry transportation vehicles , Animal cages , Animal feeding/watering equipment , Animal equipment , Animal transportation vehicles , Horse barns (enclosed premise treatment) , Animal research facilities (enclosed premise treatment) , Zoo premises (enclosed premise treatment) , Commercial egg handling equipment , Commercial egg transp vehicles , Hatchery equipment , Hatchery premises , Hatcheries (enclosed premise treatment) , Hatchery premises (fogging) , Farm premises (unspecified) , Shoe baths (farm) , Mushroom house premises , Campers , Domestic dwellings (indoor) (attics) , Basements , Domestic dwellings (indoor) , Garages , Hotels/motels/tourist courts (indoor) , Mobile homes (indoor) , Trailers (camp/travel) (indoor) , Household premises , Porches , Domestic dwellings (outdoor) (toolsheds) , Kitchens , Household contents , Sickroom premises , Drains , Fan coil drain water , Humidifier water , Whirlpool bath water , Waterbed water , Whirlpool bath surfaces , Airfields (taxi strips) , Airports , Campgrounds , Sports arenas , Playgrounds , Transportation facilities , Buses (nonfeed/nonfood) , Boat premises , Ships , Railroad boxcars , Trucks , Recreational vehicles , Aircraft , Food processing areas , Food storage areas , Food process plant premises , Food process plant premises (fogging) , Bakeries (indoor-inedible) , Brewery process plant premises , Canneries (indoor-inedible) , Milk processing plants (indoor inedible) , Fruit processing plants , Vegetable processing plants , Meat pack. plant (ined.)(indr.) , Meat processing plants (indoor-inedible) , Poultry processing plants (indoor inedible) , Wineries (indoor inedible) , Egg processing plants (indoor inedible) , Tobacco processing plants , Beverage processing plants , Beverage plant premises (fogging) , Fish processing plant premises , Bars , Taverns , Cafeterias (indoor inedible) , Restaurants (indoor inedible) , Eating est premises , Refrigerators , Food handling establishments (indoor inedible) , Food marketing/storage/distribution facilities (indoor inedible) , Ambulances , Nursing homes (indoor inedible) , Hospital premises , Veterinary hospital premises , Hospital critical premises , Human nursery premises , Laboratory premises , Hospital critical equipment , Hospital materials , Human nursery equipment , Veterinary hospital materials , Barber and beauty shop instruments , Barber and beauty shop equipment , Morgues, mortuaries and funeral home premises , Mortuary premises , Janitorial premises , Athletic facilities , Barber and beauty shop premises , Bowling alley premises , Commercial premises , Industrial premises , Institutional premises , Leather process plant premises , Locker room premises , Rendering plant premises , Shower room premises , Telephone booths , Commercial/institutional/industrial builoings (attics) , Cosmetic plant premises , Pharmaceutical plant premises , Factories (indoor inedible) , Jails (indoor inedible) , Schools (indoor inedible) , Manufacturing plants (indoor inedible) , Office buildings (indoor inedible) , Athletic equipment , Gymnasium mats , Telephones , Industrial equipment , Commercial equipment , Institutional equipment , Leather processing equipment , Commercial/industrial equipment (pumps) , Warehouses (indoor inedible) , Shower curtains , Human face gear , Laundry (coin-operated) , Carpet sanitizers , Bathroom premises , Shower stalls , Toilet seats , Toilets (exterior) , Toilet bowls , Urinals , Chemical toilets , Portable toilets , Diaper pails , Garbage storage premises , Garbage cans , Garbage containers , Cadavers , Mausoleums , Cuspidors or spittoons , Cuspidors , Environmental inanimate hard surfaces , Hew (fda/bhd) , Furniture (outdoor) , Lenses , Metal surfaces , Optical equipment , Glass surfaces , Plastic/vinyl surfaces , Hard nonporous surface , Wood surfaces (painted)

U.S. Product Registration History for Maquat 128 pd

U.S. EPA Product Reg No:
Product Registration Status:
Approval Date:
Sep 8, 2000  

Company and Agent Information for Butler parvoclear

Manufacturer Agent Distributor
Mason chemical co
721 w algonquin rd
Arlington heights, IL 60005
Company Number: 010324
No Agent, See Company Info. Butler schein animal health
400 metro place north
Dublin, OH 43017
Company Number: 006480

Distributor Names for Maquat 128 pd

Product names Distributor Product Type Approval Date Cancellation Date
All purpose disinfectant Mason chemical co Distributor Product May 22, 2007 Active
Animalfacility concentrated disinfectant cleaner & deodorizer Mason chemical co Distributor Product Sep 11, 2009 Active
Butler parvoclear Mason chemical co Distributor Product Jul 11, 2007 Active
D/d-9000 Mason chemical co Distributor Product Dec 20, 2010 Active
Maquat 128 pd Mason chemical co Parent Product Sep 8, 2000 Active
Microdyne pd Mason chemical co Distributor Product Aug 29, 2005 Active
Nyco uno Mason chemical co Distributor Product Sep 21, 2006 Jul 14, 2009
Sanis by cintas disinfectant floor cleaner Mason chemical co Distributor Product Nov 22, 2006 Jul 8, 2009
Sanis by cintas multipurpose disinfectant cleaner Mason chemical co Distributor Product Nov 22, 2006 Jul 8, 2009
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