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Product Name: Consan triple action 20

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Identifying information, including U.S. EPA registration number, product registration status, formulation and warning label, as well as links to sources of product labels and MSDS information.
Summary of the toxicity properties of each active ingredient and the percent of each active ingredient in the product.
Approved uses for the product by general use type, pest, and crop or location.
Product registration history, including initial date registered, date cancelled (if applicable), and date registration was transferred (if applicable).
Name, address, and identifying number of the company that registered the product. Name and address of the agent, if applicable.
Complete list of names under which this product is sold. Often a company will register a single product and then sell the same product under many different brand names. The 'Distributor Name' list is a complete list of these names.

Product Identification for Consan triple action 20

Basic Identification Information About This Product
MSDS and Product Label
U.S. EPA Product Reg No
Product Registration Status
Acute Hazard Warning Label
Restricted Use Product
PAN Bad Actor Product:
No. of names this product is sold under
Soluble concentrate
1 Danger
12 (See bottom of page for complete list of products)

Toxicity for Consan triple action 20

Summary Toxicity Information for the Active Ingredients in this Product
For detailed chemical information click on the chemical names below

Active Ingredients
Chemical Name
Percent Carcinogen Cholinesterase
Developmental or
Reproductive Toxin
Alkyl* dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride *(60%C14, 30%C16, 5%C18, 5%C12) 9.00 % Not Likely No
Alkyl* dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride *(50%C12, 30%C14, 17%C16, 3%C18) 2.00 % Not Likely No
Alkyl (50%C12, 30%C14, 17%C16, 3%C18) dimethylethylbenzyl ammonium chloride 9.00 % Not Likely No
Indicates high toxicity in the given toxicological category. Indicates no available weight-of-the-evidence assessment. For additional information on toxicity from scientific journals or registration documents, see the "Additional Resources for Toxicity " section of the chemical detail page for each active ingredient.

Other Ingredients in this Product

By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. In addition to active ingredients, pesticide products may contain one or more "inert" ingredients. Many "inert" ingredients in current use have known adverse human and environmental effects.

U.S. EPA statement on inerts      U.S. EPA list of inerts     NCAP Inerts Report (pdf)


Registered Uses in the U.S. for Consan triple action 20


Disinfectant , Sanitizer , Fungicide , Algaecide , Microbicide/microbistat , Virucide


Slime-forming bacteria , Animal pathogenic bacteria (g- and g+ vegetative) , Animal pathogenic fungi , Anthracnose , Botrytis blight , Fusarium blight , Helminthosporium blight , Pythium blight , Blight , Brown patch (rhizoctonia) , Fire blight (erwinia) , Fading-out (curvularia) , Leaf blight , Shoot blight (botrytis) , Canker , Brown canker (of rose) cryptosporella umbrina , Stem canker , Crown gall (agrobacterium tumefaciens) , Stem gall , Downy mildew , Powdery mildew , Powdery mildew (sphaerotheca/phyllactinia) , Fairy ring , Toadstools , Wilt , Gray mold rot (botrytis) , Botrytis gray mold (b. cinerea) , Penicillium rot , Rots , Basal rot (fusarium) , Bud rot , Collar rot (phytophthora) , Crown rot (botrytis) , Crown rot , Heart rot (phytophthora) , Root rot , Stem rot , Rots (eg. erwinia) , Bacterial stem rot (erwinia) , Rust , Rose rust (phragmidium) , Damping-off , Botrytis spp. , Black spot of rose (diplocarpon rosae) , Dollar spot (sclerotinia) , Leaf spot (botrytis) , Leaf spot (helminthosporium) , Leaf spot , Bacterial leaf spot , Tobacco mosaic virus , Mildew , Mold , Slime-forming fungi (paper mills/water systems) , Algae

Crops and Locations

Ornamental flowering plants (cuttings) , African violets (greenhouse-foliar treatment) , African violets (houseplant) , Begonia (foliar treatment) , Begonia (greenhouse-foliar treatment) , Begonia (cuttings) , Cacti , Calendula (foliar treatment) , Carnation (foliar treatment) , Carnation (cuttings) , China aster (foliar treatment) , Chrysanthemum (foliar treatment) , Chrysanthemum (cuttings) , Daffodil (bulbs) , Dahlias (foliar treatment) , Easter lily (bulbs) , Fuchsia (foliar treatment) , Fuchsia (cuttings) , Geranium (foliar treatment) , Geranium (cuttings) , Gesneriads (houseplant) , Gladiolus (foliar treatment) , Gladiolus (bulbs) , Hollyhock (foliar treatment) , Hyacinth (bulbs) , Iris (foliar treatment) , Iris (bulbs) , Narcissus (bulbs) , Orchids (foliar treatment) , Peonies (foliar treatment) , Rubber plant (foliar treatment) , Snapdragon (foliar treatment) , Sedum (foliar treatment) , Tulips (bulbs) , Begonia (houseplant) , Crassula (foliar treatment) , Kalanchoe (foliar treatment) , Heliotrope (foliar treatment) , Ornamental plants (seedlings) , Ornamental turf (golf courses) (foliar treatment) , Ornamental turf (golf fairways) (foliar treatment) , Ornamental turf (golf greens) (foliar treatment) , Ornamental turf (golf tees) (foliar treatment) , Ornamental turf (commercial) (foliar treatment) , Ornamental lawns (grass) (foliar treatment) , Dichondra (foliar treatment) , Crape myrtle (foliar treatment) , Gardenia (foliar treatment) , Hawthorn (delayed dormant application) , Lilac (foliar treatment) , Pieris (foliar treatment) , Roses (foliar treatment) , Roses (dormant) , Aucuba (foliar treatment) , Ornamental trees (deciduous) (foliar treatment) , Ornamental fruit trees (dormant application) , Ash (foliar treatment) , Flowering dogwood (foliar treatment) , Pear (ornamental) (foliar treatment) , Pear (ornamental) (dormant application) , Palm (foliar treatment) , Sycamore (foliar treatment) , Live oak (foliar treatment) , Live oak (delayed dormant application) , Ornamental ferns (foliar treatment) , Ornamental ferns (greenhouse-foliar treatment) , Ornamental ferns (houseplant) , Greenhouse environs and equipment (empty) , Greenhouse benches , Greenhouse walks , Flower pots (clay) , Greenhouse equipment , Household premises , Household contents , Rugs/carpets , Lumber (construction) (nonsoil contact nonfumigation treatment) , Tools , Wood subflooring (nonsoil contact nonfumigation treatment) , Evaporative condenser water , Birdbath surfaces , Hospital premises , Hospital materials , Commercial premises , Institutional premises , Locker room premises , Shower room premises , Commercial equipment , Carpet underlays , Laundry (unspecified) , Laundry (hospital) , Bathroom premises , Toilet seats , Garbage containers , Garbage handling equipment , Terrariums (glass surfaces)

U.S. Product Registration History for Consan triple action 20

U.S. EPA Product Reg No:
Product Registration Status:
Approval Date:
Jun 8, 1982  

Company and Agent Information for Consan triple action 20

Manufacturer Agent Distributor
Parkway research
211 w. route 125
Pleasant plains, IL 62677
Company Number: 058044
No Agent, See Company Info. No Additional Distributor, See Company Info.

Distributor Names for Consan triple action 20

Product names Distributor Product Type Approval Date Cancellation Date
Agrisan20 turf and ornamental fungicide/algaecide Parkway research Distributor Product Feb 28, 2002 Active
Alga-san ferti-lome Parkway research Distributor Product Jun 30, 1993 Active
Algaen-x Parkway research Distributor Product Mar 15, 1993 Active
Algaen-x tm turf algaecide and fungicide Parkway research Distributor Product Mar 15, 1993 Active
Algaen-x turf algaecide and fungicide Parkway research Distributor Product Mar 15, 1993 Active
Consan triple action 20 Parkway research Parent Product Jun 8, 1982 Active
Eradicate Parkway research Distributor Product Oct 12, 2001 Active
Gordon's professional turf and ornamental products algaemec turf algic Parkway research Distributor Product Dec 12, 1995 Active
Hi-yield (r) consan 20 (r) Parkway research Distributor Product Jun 30, 1993 Active
Magician Parkway research Distributor Product Nov 22, 2004 Active
Olympic triathlon Parkway research Distributor Product Mar 15, 1993 Active
Triathion Parkway research Distributor Product Mar 15, 1993 Active
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