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Product Name: Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide

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Identifying information, including U.S. EPA registration number, product registration status, formulation and warning label, as well as links to sources of product labels and MSDS information.
Summary of the toxicity properties of each active ingredient and the percent of each active ingredient in the product.
Approved uses for the product by general use type, pest, and crop or location.
Product registration history, including initial date registered, date cancelled (if applicable), and date registration was transferred (if applicable).
Name, address, and identifying number of the company that registered the product. Name and address of the agent, if applicable.
Complete list of names under which this product is sold. Often a company will register a single product and then sell the same product under many different brand names. The 'Distributor Name' list is a complete list of these names.

Product Identification for Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide

Basic Identification Information About This Product
MSDS and Product Label
U.S. EPA Product Reg No
Product Registration Status
Acute Hazard Warning Label
Restricted Use Product
PAN Bad Actor Product:
No. of names this product is sold under
Emulsifiable concentrate
3 Caution
Not Listed
10 (See bottom of page for complete list of products)

Toxicity for Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide

Summary Toxicity Information for the Active Ingredients in this Product
For detailed chemical information click on the chemical names below

Active Ingredients
Chemical Name
Percent Carcinogen Cholinesterase
Developmental or
Reproductive Toxin
Permethrin 36.8 %
Indicates high toxicity in the given toxicological category. Indicates no available weight-of-the-evidence assessment. For additional information on toxicity from scientific journals or registration documents, see the "Additional Resources for Toxicity " section of the chemical detail page for each active ingredient.

Other Ingredients in this Product

By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. In addition to active ingredients, pesticide products may contain one or more "inert" ingredients. Many "inert" ingredients in current use have known adverse human and environmental effects.

U.S. EPA statement on inerts      U.S. EPA list of inerts     NCAP Inerts Report (pdf)


Registered Uses in the U.S. for Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide


Insecticide , Miticide , Termiticide


No pest , Pillbugs , Sowbugs , Centipedes , Millipedes , Scorpions , Spiders , Ticks , Deer ticks , Chicken mite , Western blacklegged tick , Brown dog tick , Northern fowl mite , Ear mite , Mange mite , Scabies mite , Wood boring insects , Lice , Leafrollers , Pantry pests , Leafminers , Earwigs , Termites , Subterranean termites , Fleas , Citrus thrips , Firebrat , Silverfish , Beetles , Coleopterous insects , Ambrosia beetles , Powderpost beetles , Flour beetles , Bronze birch borer , Flatheaded appletree borer , Oak borer , Ground beetles , Old house borer , Leaf beetles , Elm leaf beetle , Root weevils (adult) , Plum curculio , Billbugs , Carpet beetle , Larder beetle , Rose chafer , Japanese beetle , Bark beetles , Elm bark beetles , Western pine beetle , Mountain pine beetle , Turpentine beetles , Pine engraver , Ips beetles , Darkling beetles , Lesser mealworm , Flies , Cluster fly , Eye gnats , Sheep ked , Horn fly , Face fly , House fly , Stable fly , Fungus gnats , Drain flies , Black flies , Horse flies , Deer flies , Bed bug , Bat bugs , Leaffooted bug , Chinch bug , Seed bugs , Plant bugs , Lygus bugs , Tarnished plant bug , Stink bugs , Boxelder bug , Lace bugs , Whiteflies , Aphids , Rosy apple aphid , Leafhoppers , White apple leafhopper , Redbanded leafhopper , Mealybugs , Pear psylla , Bees , Wasps , Pine sawflies , Ants , Carpenter ants , Fire ant , Birch leafminer , Hornets , Yellowjackets , Carpenter bee , Coneworms , Webworms , Leafeating caterpillars , Peach twig borer , Cankerworms , Spotted tentiform leafminer , Tent caterpillars , Gypsy moth , Gypsy moth (larvae) , Green fruitworm , Armyworm , Beet armyworm , Cabbage looper , Heliothis caterpillars , Bagworm , Sod webworms , Zimmerman pine moth , Navel orangeworm , Indian meal moth , Webbing coneworm , Clearwing borers , Ash borer , Lilac borer , Peachtree borer , Lesser peachtree borer , Rhododendron borer , Dogwood borer , Obliquebanded leafroller , Oriental fruit moth , Filbert worm , Nantucket pine tip moth , Cockroaches , Asian cockroach , Crickets , Mole crickets , Borers

Crops and Locations

Almonds (foliar treatment) , Filberts (foliar treatment) , Pistachio nuts (foliar treatment) , Apples (foliar treatment) , Pears (delayed dormant application) , Pears (dormant application) , Cherries (foliar treatment) , Peaches (foliar treatment) , Fruit trees (nonbearing) , Conifer plantings (foliar treatment) , Ornamental herbaceous plants (foliar treatment) , Ornamental flowering plants (foliar treatment) , Ornamental foliage plants (foliar treatment) , Ornamental gardens (foliar treatment) , Ornamental plants (greenhouse-foliar treatment) , Ornamental plants (interior plantscapes) , Ornamental woody plants (bark treatment) , Ornamental woody plants (foliar treatment) , Ornamental lawns (foliar treatment) , Ornamental lawns (soil treatment) , Ornamental trees (bark treatment) , Dairy barns (exterior treatment) , Dairy cattle (animal treatment) , Dairy cattle (ear treatment) , Dairy cattle (lactating) (animal treatment) , Dairy cattle (lactating) (ear treatment) , Dairy cattle (nonlactating) (ear treatment) , Dairy cattle (nonlactating) (animal treatment) , Livestock stables (open premise treatment) , Livestock feedlots (outside) , Goats (ear treatment) , Goats (animal treatment) , Sheep (ear treatment) , Sheep (animal treatment) , Beef cattle (animal treatment) , Beef cattle (ear treatment) , Hogs (animal treatment) , Hog barns/houses/parlors/pens (open premise treatment) , Pet bedding , Dogs (animal treatment) , Poultry (animal treatment) , Poultry houses (enclosed premise treatment) , Poultry houses (open premise treatment) , Horses (animal treatment) , Barns (outside walls) , Domestic dwellings (indoor) , Garages , Domestic dwellings (outdoor) , Eaves , Porches , Rugs/carpets , Wood structures (soil contact nonfumigation treatment) , Wood poles/posts (soil contact nonfumigation treatment) , Siding , Window frames , Wood rafters , Irrigation supply systems (water treatment) , Noncrop areas (foliar treatment) , Parks (foliar treatment) , Building foundations (foliar treatment) , Industrial areas (outdoor) (foliar treatment) , Patios (foliar treatment) , Food processing plants (indoor inedible) , Meat processing plants (outdoor-inedible) , Eating establishments (indoor inedible) , Food marketing/storage/distribution facilities (indoor inedible) , Commercial/institutional/industrial buildings (indoor inedible) , Mattresses , Garbage dumps , Ant dens/hills/mounds (all or unspecified) , Tank mix

U.S. Product Registration History for Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide

U.S. EPA Product Reg No:
Product Registration Status:
Approval Date:
Mar 9, 2000  

Company and Agent Information for Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide

Manufacturer Agent Distributor
United phosphorus, inc
630 freedom business center, suite 402
King of prussia, PA 19406
Company Number: 070506
No Agent, See Company Info. No Additional Distributor, See Company Info.

Distributor Names for Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide

Product names Distributor Product Type Approval Date Cancellation Date
Agrisel tengard pro termiticide/insecticide United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Feb 23, 2005 Active
Martin's permethrin sfr termiticide/insecticide United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Jun 16, 2000 Active
Metgard sfr termiticide / insecticide United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Feb 9, 2006 Active
Minotaur insecticde United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Aug 19, 2009 Active
Minotaur insecticide United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Jun 16, 2009 Active
Oracle 36.8% permethrin insecticide United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Aug 19, 2009 Active
P-37 ii insecticide concentrate United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Dec 20, 2010 Active
Perma-guard United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Apr 11, 2006 Active
Prozap poultry insecticide concentrate United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product Jan 16, 2003 Active
Tengard sfr termiticide/insecticide United phosphorus, inc Parent Product Mar 9, 2000 Active
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