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Product Name on Label: Phosfume tablets

The EPA Registered Name for this product is: Weevil-cide tablets
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Identifying information, including U.S. EPA registration number, product registration status, formulation and warning label, as well as links to sources of product labels and MSDS information.
Summary of the toxicity properties of each active ingredient and the percent of each active ingredient in the product.
Approved uses for the product by general use type, pest, and crop or location.
Product registration history, including initial date registered, date cancelled (if applicable), and date registration was transferred (if applicable).
Name, address, and identifying number of the company that registered the product. Name and address of the agent, if applicable.
Complete list of names under which this product is sold. Often a company will register a single product and then sell the same product under many different brand names. The 'Distributor Name' list is a complete list of these names.

Product Identification for Weevil-cide tablets

Basic Identification Information About This Product
MSDS and Product Label
U.S. EPA Product Reg No
Product Registration Status
Acute Hazard Warning Label
Restricted Use Product
PAN Bad Actor Product:
No. of names this product is sold under
1 Danger
2 (See bottom of page for complete list of products)

Toxicity for Weevil-cide tablets

Summary Toxicity Information for the Active Ingredients in this Product
For detailed chemical information click on the chemical names below

Active Ingredients
Chemical Name
Percent Carcinogen Cholinesterase
Developmental or
Reproductive Toxin
Aluminum phosphide 60.0 %
Indicates high toxicity in the given toxicological category. Indicates no available weight-of-the-evidence assessment. For additional information on toxicity from scientific journals or registration documents, see the "Additional Resources for Toxicity " section of the chemical detail page for each active ingredient.

Other Ingredients in this Product

By U.S. law, only active ingredients (AIs) are reported. In addition to active ingredients, pesticide products may contain one or more "inert" ingredients. Many "inert" ingredients in current use have known adverse human and environmental effects.

U.S. EPA statement on inerts      U.S. EPA list of inerts     NCAP Inerts Report (pdf)


Registered Uses in the U.S. for Weevil-cide tablets


Poison, multiple dose , Fumigant , Insecticide , Miticide


Tracheal mite , Spider mites , Cigarette beetle , Lesser grain borer , Bean weevil , Cereal leaf beetle , Rusty grain beetle , Flat grain beetle , Sawtoothed grain beetle , Granary weevil , Rice weevil , Maize weevil , Dermestid beetles , Khapra beetle , Hairy fungus beetle , Driedfruit beetle , Spider beetles , Yellow mealworm , Red flour beetle , Confused flour beetle , Cadelle , Hessian fly , Fruit flies , Bees , Africanized honey bee , Pink bollworm , Angoumois grain moth , Mediterranean flour moth , Almond moth , Raisin moth , Tobacco moth , Greater wax moth , Indian meal moth , Driedfruit moth , European grain moth , Moles , Chipmunks , Ground squirrels , Prairie dogs , Woodchuck , Yellow bellied marmot , Gophers , Meadow vole , Roof rat , Norway rat , Mice

Crops and Locations

Stored almonds , Almonds (transportation vehicles) , Stored brazil nuts , Brazil nut (transportation vehicles) , Stored cashews , Cashews (transportation vehicles) , Stored filberts , Filberts (transportation vehicles) , Stored pecans , Pecans (transportation vehicles) , Stored walnuts , Walnuts (transportation vehicles) , Stored pistachio nuts , Pistachio nuts (transportation vehicles) , Stored dates , Dates (transportation vehicles) , Stored cocoa beans , Cocoa beans (transportation vehicles) , Stored coffee beans , Coffee beans (transportation vehicles) , Stored seed and pod vegetable seed , Seed and pod vegetables (transportation vehicles) , Stored corn (pop) , Corn (pop) (transportation vehicles) , Stored straw , Straw (transportation vehicles) , Stored barley , Barley (transportation vehicles) , Stored corn , Stored oats , Oats (transportation vehicles) , Stored rice , Rice (transportation vehicles) , Stored rye , Rye (transportation vehicles) , Stored wheat , Wheat (transportation vehicles) , Triticale (stored) , Stored tobacco , Tobacco (transportation vehicles) , Stored safflower seed , Safflower seed (transportation vehicles) , Corn (transportation vehicles) , Stored cotton seed , Cottonseed (transportation vehicles) , Stored peanuts , Peanuts (transportation vehicles) , Stored sesame seed , Sesame seed (transportation vehicles) , Stored sorghum , Sorghum (transportation vehicles) , Stored sunflower seed , Sunflower seed (transportation vehicles) , Stored soybeans , Soybeans (transportation vehicles) , Stored vegetable seed , Vegetable garden seed (transportation vehicles) , Stored flower seed , Stored grass seed , Flower seed (transportation vehicles) , Stored hay , Hay (transportation vehicles) , Stored millet , Millet (transportation vehicles) , Ornamental herbaceous plants (dried flowers) , Ornamental herbaceous plant seed (transportation vehicles) , Stored ornamental flower seed , Stored ornamental grass seed , Ornamental grass seed (transportation vehicles) , Stored cereal foods (pretzels) , Stored cereal foods (crackers) , Stored cereal foods (macaroni) , Stored cereal foods (noodles) , Stored cereal foods (pasta) , Stored cereal foods (packaged cookies) , Cereal foods (crackers) (transportation vehicles) , Cereal foods (pretzels) (transportation vehicles) , Cereal foods (macaroni) (transportation vehicles) , Cereal foods (noodles) (transportation vehicles) , Cereal foods (pasta) (transportation vehicles) , Cereal foods (packaged cookies) (transportation vehicles) , Stored packaged cereals , Cereals (packaged) (transportation vehicles) , Feed (transportation vehicles) , Stored tea (processed) , Stored coffee (processed) , Stored spices (processed) , Stored herbs (processed) , Stored condiments (ground) , Spices (processed) (transportation vehicles) , Herbs (processed) (transportation vehicles) , Condiments (ground) (transportation vehicles) , Stored bakery mixes , Stored cereal flour , Cereal flour (transportation vehicles) , Bakery mixes (transportation vehicles) , Stored chocolate liquor , Stored chocolate , Stored cocoa powder , Stored cocoa , Stored dark chocolate coating , Stored milk chocolate , Dark chocolate coating (transportation vehicles) , Milk chocolate (transportation vehicles) , Chocolate liquor (transportation vehicles) , Chocolate (transportation vehicles) , Cocoa (transportation vehicles) , Stored cured meat products , Stored cured meat products , Cured meat products (transportation vehicles) , Stored nondairy creamers , Stored dried milk , Stored dried milk (nonfat instant) , Dried milk (transportation vehicles) , Non-dairy creamer (transportation vehicles) , Dried milk (nonfat instant) (transportation vehicles) , Stored malt , Malt (transportation vehicles) , Stored primary yeast , Yeast (primary) (transportation vehicles) , Stored soybean milled fractions , Soybean milled fractions (transportation vehicles) , Stored sugar , Sugar (transportation vehicles) , Stored dried egg yolk solids , Dried egg yolk solids (transportation vehicles) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (apples) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (dates) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (figs) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (peaches) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (pears) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (prunes) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (raisins) , Stored fruits (dried/dehydrated) (raisins-sultanas) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (apples) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (dates) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (figs) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (peaches) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (pears) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (prunes) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (raisins) (transportation vehicles) , Fruits (dried/dehydrated) (raisins-sultanas) (transportation vehicles) , Stored processed rice , Processed rice (polished) (transportation vehicles) , Stored feed , Stored processed meat , Stored processed fish , Processed meat (transportation vehicles) , Processed fish (transportation vehicles) , Stored processed nuts (pistachio nuts) , Stored processed nuts (apricot kernels) , Stored processed nuts (almonds) , Stored processed nuts (brazil nuts) , Stored processed nuts (cashews) , Stored processed nuts (filberts) , Stored processed nuts (peanuts) , Stored processed nuts (pecans) , Stored processed nuts (walnuts) , Processed nuts (pistachio nuts) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (apricot kernels) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (walnuts) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (almonds) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (brazil nuts) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (cashews) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (fiberts) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (peanuts) (transportation vehicles) , Processed nuts (pecans) (transportation vehicles) , Stored cheese or cheese byproducts , Cheese (transportation vehicles) , Stored corn grits , Corn grits (transportation vehicles) , Stored oats (processed) , Stored candy , Candy (transportation vehicles) , Stored textiles/fabrics (clothing) , Cotton fabrics (transportation vehicles) , Cotton fabrics (fumigation) , Stored furs , Vulcanized hair (stored) , Stored mohair , Stored wool (raw) , Wool fabrics (transportation vehicles) , Rubberized hair (transportation vehicles) , Furs (transportation vehicles) , Feathers (transportation vehicles) , Human hair (transportation vehicles) , Vulcanized hair (transportation vehicles) , Mohair (transportation vehicles) , Rubberized hair (fumigation) , Feathers (fumigation) , Human hair (processed) (fumigation) , Stored leather , Stored leather (hides) , Leather (transportation vehicles) , Leather (hides) (transportation vehicles) , Paper products (transportation vehicles) , Paper (fumigation) , Tanks (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Airtight flat storages (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Airtight chambers (feed/food) (fumigation) , Bins (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Feed/food commodities (bagged) (fumigation) , Grain silos (fumigation) , Feed/food commodities (under tarpaulin) (fumigation) , Bunkers (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Feed/food containers (full) (fumigation) , Agricultural premises , Beekeeping equipment (fumigation) , Wood (dry) (nonsoil contact fumigation treatment) , Wood products (finished) (nonsoil contact fumigation treatment) , Nonfeed crop areas , Nonfood crop areas , Uncultivated nonagricultural areas , Railroad boxcars (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Truck trailers (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Shipholds (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Barges (feed/food-full) (fumigation) , Food processing plants (food storage warehouses) (fumigation) , Food mills (fumigation) , Warehouses (fumigation) , Beehives (diseased) (fumigation)

U.S. Product Registration History for Weevil-cide tablets

U.S. EPA Product Reg No:
Product Registration Status:
Approval Date:
Mar 17, 1989  

Company and Agent Information for Phosfume tablets

Manufacturer Agent Distributor
United phosphorus, inc
630 freedom business center, suite 402
King of prussia, PA 19406
Company Number: 070506
No Agent, See Company Info. Douglas products and packaging company
1550 east old 210 highway
Liberty, MO 64068
Company Number: 001015

Distributor Names for Weevil-cide tablets

Product names Distributor Product Type Approval Date Cancellation Date
Phosfume tablets United phosphorus, inc Distributor Product May 20, 2002 Active
Weevil-cide tablets United phosphorus, inc Parent Product Mar 17, 1989 Active
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