PAN Pesticides Database - Chemical Toxicity Studies on Aquatic Organisms

Acute Aquatic Ecotoxicity Summaries for Lindane on Crustaceans

Use(s): Insecticide, Rodenticide    Chem Class: Organochlorine    U.S. EPA PC Code:009001    CAS Number: 58-89-9
Sorted by Organism Group, Scientific Name and LC50. Species summary toxicity data are derived from the U.S. EPA AQUIRE database.
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Common Name Scientific Name Avg Species LC50 (ug/L) LC50 Std Dev Number of Studies Avg Species Rating Outlier Result for Organism Group?


Aquatic sowbug Asellus aquaticus 7,268 9,710 3 Moderately Toxic  
Aquatic sowbug Asellus brevicaudus 43.3 47.1 3 Very Highly Toxic  
Freshwater prawn Caridina rajadhari 31.3 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Bay shrimp, Sand shrimp Crangon septemspinosa 8.00 4.24 3 Very Highly Toxic  
Ostracod, Seed shrimp Cypridopsis vidua 4.00 1.13 3 Very Highly Toxic  
Amphipod Echinogammarus tibaldii 5.10 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Mud crab Eurypanopeus depressus 12.8 12.2 2 Very Highly Toxic  
Southern king crab Lithodes antarcticus 462.0 430.8 5 Highly Toxic  
White shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei 3.90 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Decapod Lucifer sp. 419.0 - 1 Highly Toxic  
Shrimp Macrobrachium kistnensis 8.62 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Sand shrimp Metapenaeus monoceros 5.96 0.47 5 Very Highly Toxic  
Longwrist hermit crab Pagurus longicarpus 18.0 14.4 3 Very Highly Toxic  
Brown shrimp Penaeus aztecus 400.0 - 1 Highly Toxic  
Northern pink shrimp Penaeus duorarum 0.17 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Northern white shrimp Penaeus setiferus 35.0 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Fairy shrimp Streptocephalus proboscideus 3,926,205 - 1 Not Acutely Toxic Outlier 
Fairy shrimp Streptocephalus rubricaudatus 10,000 - 1 Slightly Toxic  
Fairy shrimp Streptocephalus texanus 10,000 - 1 Slightly Toxic  
Records 1 to 19 of 19
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