PAN Pesticides Database - Chemical Toxicity Studies on Aquatic Organisms

Acute Aquatic Ecotoxicity Summaries for Paraquat dichloride on Fish

Use(s): Herbicide    Chem Class: Bipyridylium    U.S. EPA PC Code:061601    CAS Number: 1910-42-5
Sorted by Organism Group, Scientific Name and LC50. Species summary toxicity data are derived from the U.S. EPA AQUIRE database.
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Common Name Scientific Name Avg Species LC50 (ug/L) LC50 Std Dev Number of Studies Avg Species Rating Outlier Result for Organism Group?


Characin Bryconamericus boops 26,750 8,044 4 Slightly Toxic  
Ten-spotted livebearer Cnesterodon decemmaculatus 16,682 6,974 4 Slightly Toxic  
Grass carp, white amur Ctenopharyngodon idella 96,000 21,602 3 Slightly Toxic  
Cyprinus carpio 78,500 109,985 4 Slightly Toxic  
Zebra danio Danio rerio 42,000 1,414 3 Slightly Toxic  
Channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus 100,000 - 2 Not Acutely Toxic  
Bluegill Lepomis macrochirus 181,667 161,725 6 Not Acutely Toxic Outlier 
Coho salmon,silver salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch 76,000 - 1 Slightly Toxic  
Rainbow trout,donaldson trout Oncorhynchus mykiss 36,553 34,298 5 Slightly Toxic  
Catfish Plecostomus commersoni 7,860 2,359 5 Moderately Toxic  
Shortfin molly Poecilia mexicana 12,530 - 1 Slightly Toxic  
Harlequinfish, red rasbora Rasbora heteromorpha 158,556 192,533 9 Not Acutely Toxic  
Brown trout Salmo trutta 82,000 - 1 Slightly Toxic  
Tilapia Tilapia hornorum 31,500 - 1 Slightly Toxic  
Mozambique tilapia Tilapia mossambica 15,670 1,350 2 Slightly Toxic  
Nile tilapia Tilapia nilotica 11,000 816.5 3 Slightly Toxic  
Records 1 to 16 of 16
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