PAN Pesticides Database - Chemical Toxicity Studies on Aquatic Organisms

Acute Aquatic Ecotoxicity Summaries for Permethrin on Zooplankton

Use(s): Insecticide    Chem Class: Pyrethroid    U.S. EPA PC Code:109701, 598600    CAS Number: 52645-53-1, 54774-45-7, 51877-74-8
Sorted by Organism Group, Scientific Name and LC50. Species summary toxicity data are derived from the U.S. EPA AQUIRE database.
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Common Name Scientific Name Avg Species LC50 (ug/L) LC50 Std Dev Number of Studies Avg Species Rating Outlier Result for Organism Group?


Water flea Alonella sp. 4.00 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Opossum shrimp Americamysis bahia 0.06 0.03 4 Very Highly Toxic  
Water flea Ceriodaphnia dubia 0.91 1.31 37 Very Highly Toxic  
Water flea Daphnia carinata 28,375 12,007 4 Slightly Toxic Outlier 
Water flea Daphnia magna 6.18 5.69 20 Very Highly Toxic  
Water flea Daphnia pulex 7,416 13,308 14 Moderately Toxic  
Calanoid copepod Diaptomus sp. 7.00 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Cyclopoid copepod Eucyclops sp. 5.00 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Scud Gammarus pseudolimnaeus 0.29 0.08 4 Very Highly Toxic  
Scud Gammarus pulex 0.37 0.11 6 Very Highly Toxic  
Scud Hyalella azteca 0.04 0.01 2 Very Highly Toxic  
Copepod Mesocyclops sp. 2.60 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Water flea Moina macrocopa 30,875 13,078 4 Slightly Toxic Outlier 
Harpacticoid copepod Nitocra spinipes 0.60 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Daggerblade grass shrimp Palaemonetes pugio 0.70 0.57 12 Very Highly Toxic  
Water Flea Scapholeberis kingi 13.0 - 1 Very Highly Toxic  
Calanoid copepod Spicodiaptomus chilospinus 5.50 0.50 2 Very Highly Toxic  
Records 1 to 17 of 17
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