PAN Pesticides Database - Water Standards and Criteria

Water Quality Standards and Criteria Footnotes

Canadian water quality guidelines for the protection of fresh water aquatic life. The fresh water aquatic life criteria for Chlordane is 0.006 g/L

Footnote e:

This guideline (originally published in Canadian Water Quality Guidelines [CCREM 1987 + Appendixes] in 1987 or 1991 [PCBs in marine waters]) is no longer recommended and the value is withdrawn. A water quality guideline is not recommended. Environmental exposure is predominantly via sediment, soil, and/or tissue, therefore, the reader is referred to the respective guidelines for these media.


Footnote f:

This substance meets the criteria for Track 1 substances under the national CCME Policy for the Management of Toxic Substances (PMTS) (i.e., persistent, bioaccumulative, primarily the result of human activity, and CEPA-toxic or equivalent), and should be subject to virtual elimination strategies. Guidelines can serve as action levels or interim management objectives towards virtual elimination.