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Water Quality Standards and Criteria Footnotes

U.S. national water quality criteria for maximum exposure in salt water. The water quality criteria for maximum exposure in salt water for DDT, p,p' is 0.13 g/L

Footnote g:

This Criterion is based on 304(a) aquatic life criterion issued in 1980, and was issued in one of the following documents: Aldrin/Dieldrin (PDF) (153 pp., 7.3 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-019), Chlordane (PDF) (68 pp., 3.1 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-027), DDT (PDF) (175 pp., 8.3 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-038), Endosulfan (PDF) (155 pp., 7.3 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-046), Endrin (PDF) (103 pp., 4.6 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-047), Heptachlor (PDF) (114 pp., 5.4 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-052), Hexachlorocyclohexane (PDF) (109 pp., 4.8 MB) (EPA 440/5-80-054), Silver (EPA 440/5-80-071). The Minimum Data Requirements and derivation procedures were different in the 1980 Guidelines than in the 1985 Guidelines (PDF) (104 pp., 3.3 MB) . For example, a "CMC" derived using the 1980 Guidelines was derived to be used as an instantaneous maximum. If assessment is to be done using an averaging period, the values given should be divided by 2 to obtain a value that is more comparable to a CMC derived using the 1985 Guidelines.


Footnote ii:

This criterion applies to DDT and its metabolites (i.e., the total concentration of DDT and its metabolites should not exceed this value).